FruitFirm® 1000

Up to 40 Units per minute
Firmness accuracy of +or- 1
Size accuracy of +or- 0.5%

FruitFirm® 1000

The FruitFirm® 1000 is an industrial grade tool that reads the size and firmness of fruit automatically at 40 units per minute. First launched in spring of 2017 and our sales have exploded as fast as it’s being discovered. The quality and superiority that this tool brings to the fruit industry is exactly what keeps them flying off the shelves!

Easy Calibration Routine

2 Reading stations and speed control

Reliable data, robust industrial components, low maintenance

Accuracy – Sizing Standard Deviation of +- 0.05mm, Firmness Standard Deviation +-5%

 Adjustable – Size, Firmness, and Row Size can be adjusted up or down to match another known standard.

WiFi Enabled

No need to run network cabling.

USB Capable

There’s a port for direct data transfer to any thumb drive and for USB devices, like bar code readers.


You can run it off the tailgate of a truck in the orchard. It’s entirely location independent.

On-Board Computer

No additional equipment needed!

7″ Touch Screen

Self contained & easy to use!

Delivered for use with Cherries & Blueberries, other fruit upon request


Full Control

Self contained with a 7″ touch screen display which allows you to manage everything without any external device.


Built in memory to collect data internally or to be networked with both wireless and wired capability to automatically dump to a server.

Quality Control

Adjust the data output to match your in-house standards with robust, repeatable & trustworthy data.  


"My QC team put aside all their other tools as soon as the FruitFirm arrived, they LOVE it."

Oregon Cherry Packer, USA

"It's fast, reliable, and super easy to use. We know we can trust the numbers and anyone can run it"

California Cherry Packer, USA

"Oh yeah! It sizes."

California Cherry Packer, USA

"We bought several FruitFirm 1000's to replace our Firmtechs. They are reliable, easy to calibrate, and a VERY welcome upgrade to our QC shed."

Washington Cherry Packer, USA

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